About Sam
I am a songwriter, musician and singer from Los Angeles California.  When I began making albums for the Virgin America label in 1988, I started going by my nickname Sam in honor of the great producer who discovered and recorded Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash.
T Bone Burnett produced seven of my albums for Virgin and Nonesuch Records.  I produced my last two albums Don’t Do AnythingPush Any Button and my upcoming album World on Sticks. To preview the album, I just released a mini-album of new, old and never-before-released live songs called Human Contact Is Never Easy.
In 2000, Amy Sherman-Palladino asked me to compose and perform the music for her TV show Gilmore Girls, which I did for seven seasons, and I have reprised that role for the new Gilmore Girls (A Year In The Life) revival for Netflix that premiers November 25th, 2016.
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.@jamietee @GilmoreGirls @KevinTPorter @netflix @thelaurengraham I hope you said YES!
@fan1bsb97 That is a special version I made for Amy and the show, so it’s up to her and the powers that be.
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