About Sam
I am a songwriter, musician and singer from Los Angeles California.  When I began making albums for the Virgin America label in 1988, I started going by my nickname Sam in honor of the great producer who discovered and recorded Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash.
T Bone Burnett produced seven of my albums for Virgin and Nonesuch Records.  I produced my last two albums Don’t Do AnythingPush Any Button and my upcoming album World on Sticks. To preview the album, I just released a mini-album of new, old and never-before-released live songs called Human Contact Is Never Easy.
In 2000, Amy Sherman-Palladino asked me to compose and perform the music for her TV show Gilmore Girls, which I did for seven seasons, and I have reprised that role for the new Gilmore Girls (A Year In The Life) revival for Netflix that premiers November 25th, 2016.
That isn’t me on that commercial... Gilmore music means a lot to me. And besides, what happens in Stars Hollow sho… https://t.co/RVeCgu7RPz
@emmacarolina32 “Flowers Up” is on my “Don’t Do Anything” album: I checked and I see it on @spotify so please searc… https://t.co/xRIMxFmTrv
@drewhuntre Thank you. Sometimes even I forget that! Coincidentally, I am finishing up a new album right now.
@audioperfecta My re-recording of Black Sky does exist but wasn’t on Don’t Do Anything. But I seem to have misplac… https://t.co/tekD8sxjHY
@andreamaym Perfect timing! I hear @sectionquartet has recorded an instrumental version of “Reflecting Light” that… https://t.co/FHMdCxND0K