CD & LP Holiday Sale

Stock up on Sam's recent albums for the holidays!

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Philippe Petit
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Deep Movements of Simple Gratitude
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New Song Out Today, 7.3.2020!

"Too Many Light Years (From You to Here)"

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Sam's New Christmas Album Out Now!

10 Christmas songs...mostly in a minor key.

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RT @NonesuchRecords: 📻 @ChrisThile had a few old friends join him on @LiveFromHereAPM: @NickelCreek—Thile, @SaraWatkins, @SeanCWatkins—p… https://t.co/i4EKVsrOt1
There is no finer birthday present than hearing @NickelCreek‘s version of my song “Where Is Love Now” on… https://t.co/6lXJbASP2d
@TonyFratto @BCAppelbaum Thank you....but don't let this gal in the building either! https://t.co/dd3sAdy4I4
2) ...The daily grind, routine, bag of troubles and distractions may have you thinking you are nothing special... b… https://t.co/J3Xeum37kT
1) Today is my birthday and I know the custom is for others to say Happy Birthday, but I want to say how happy I am… https://t.co/QE8k1mhE7q