World on Sticks - Release Day!

Sam's new album is now out on CD and digital.  Vinyl coming soon!

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How Much Is Enough

Pre-order Sam's new album now and buy Sam Phillips: Live @ Largo at the Coronet film/live album.

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On August 17th, pre-order Sam's new album "World on Sticks" and buy Sam's new concert film/live album

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Largo Concert Film Teaser...

Here's a first look at the concert film "Sam Phillips: Live @ Largo at the Coronet". Coming soon exclusively to samphillips.com!

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Behind The Scenes: New Album Artwork

"World on Sticks"

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@mrgeefun That's a crazy cover of "Fast Jeep Ride"! Even *I* can't take a whole hour of that song, though. So hap… https://t.co/byt6hKwAIK
Thank you @gregkot for the kind words! https://t.co/POURgMcXEI
Thank you @wprBETA for speaking with me about my new album. Follow the link below to hear the conversation... https://t.co/bIyrdM58Lw
@musicophiliamix Thank you so much! This album was completely revamped in the last six months. Those two songs didn… https://t.co/6VnFL1EbUd
Thank you @ThisIsRobThomas for choosing ‘World on Sticks’ as your Song of the Day! https://t.co/fbp4exJLjd