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When I think of the handmade holiday gifts of my childhood, most are NOT on our wish lists...homemade snacks like Chex Mix (before it came in a package...), or a jar of instant orange tea (which was made up of Tang, spices and instant Lipton’s), or face cloth pillows (just sew two 70’s-patterned wash cloths together, stuff with plastic bags, add a bright-colored yarn for a border and, upon receiving, hide in closet!), or knitted toilet paper roll covers in the shape of hats.
The unusual, one-of-a-kind quality of handmade is what makes a beautiful, thoughtful gift, so with that spirit, I’ll be offering handwritten lyrics of my songs for a limited time. 

You may request any song from the following albums:

  • The Indescribable Wow

  • Cruel Inventions

  • Martinis and Bikinis

  • Omnipop (It’s Only a Flesh Wound Lambchop)

  • Fan Dance

  • A Boot and a Shoe

  • Don’t Do Anything

  • Solid State

  • Cameras in the Sky

  • Push Any Button

  • World on Sticks

Handwritten lyrics can be ordered starting November 5th on Bandcamp or from November 6th on my website

I’m also making available a very limited number of signed (and personalized) vinyl copies of my album Fan Dance on Bandcamp and my website (while supplies last).
I love the quiet, reflective downtime of the holidays as much as the celebratory gatherings and I hope your holidays are filled with both.
All the best from Sam