@JoeHenryMusic @bigbear95069558 @kavehrastegar Love and miss you @JoeHenryMusic !!
Nice talking to you @MarkCaro! Also check out the episode with #KathyValentine of The GoGo’s https://t.co/lxqasU9qE2
@votregoddess As a tee shirt I was given said, “sad songs make me happy”.
It’s @Bandcamp Friday!! I’m offering up handwritten lyric sheets of my songs (song of your choice) for a limited t… https://t.co/LuXCf0NwZg
@MickeyFisher73 It’s been years and I don’t remember an address, but “the studio” was actually just the house he wa… https://t.co/mwbErgTnZv
Thanks @LaunchLeft! For me, launching does get any better than catapulting #SimoneIstwa into the world. https://t.co/yPRK9c5f4s
Thx @omnipop1026! I’d like to re-sing, remix and remaster Omnipop! https://t.co/E34o28xMPY
@Franizoid @statomattic Oh I love that album! My background vocals on One Headlight almost got yanked off by the l… https://t.co/wh0Kcr1YFT
@TweetsVanZandt Thank you so much…I’ll take all the flowers I can get!
@Canadian_LadyK The song was recorded specifically for the adorable dance number in Bunheads, so it’s not up to me… https://t.co/JsTIE8f6Ko
@Singdude13 I would love to do that! Thank you for the vote of confidence.
Thank you @joshhurst for all of these kind words. https://t.co/ez1KeKnr9S
@toddbarry @thevandykeparks Thank you, Todd! Hope you’re staying well.
Thank you @thevandykeparks for the best birthday tweet ever! Sending love back to you... https://t.co/WTE7rtFjlN
RT @VinylDistrict: TVD Radar: The Podcast with Evan Toth, Episode 19: Sam Phillips "...Phillips joins me this week to celebrate the 20th…
RT @kexp: Need a nostalgia trip? @ohhijasminehere dives into the 'Gilmore Girls' soundtrack with the latest edition of Sixteen Again. Thurs…
Today is the final day of my CD & LP Holiday Sale! All LPs are $15 All CDs are $5 https://t.co/AcRi62X1JN
Thank you @AmerSongwriter !! https://t.co/aI1UDueLcJ
One of my favorite places to play live was a street corner in Stars Hollow. Happy 20th Anniversary @GilmoreGirls!! https://t.co/keZ1wChwSC
Happy 20th Birthday @GilmoreGirls! Thinking of the wrap party cake that was a replica of Stars Hollow/the amazing c… https://t.co/TS2D6xBTMz
...in my song "Walking Trees, " and I think of it as we come closer to voting against power, greed, lies, and insani… https://t.co/DybmRtx7Li
and it reminds me of all that we are dreaming of, fighting for, and how little we have beneath our feet when it com… https://t.co/WSVSxy2KRq
...delusion, destruction, and terror, he performed with intelligence, skill, humor, and bravery. He wasn’t paid..th… https://t.co/WEd88b5kst
This man, Philippe Petit, is one of my heroes. His high wire performance between the World Trade Center Towers and… https://t.co/kB3Myhdfhc
not back to normal or back to anything, but forward to what we can lovingly make out of all this. Though anger is a… https://t.co/wzuw5LKbTr
....my fellow shoppers wear masks, keep their distances respectfully, and I realize gratitude has just pushed back… https://t.co/DowCqFroHI
....I reluctantly turn onto I am alive and well street and feel the sun, the breeze... a car stops at the light pla… https://t.co/3ea1Wj8aP3
Standing in line to buy grapefruit, lettuce and vegetables at a tiny east side market, I am at a mental crossroads… https://t.co/O5utUbxw6d
Today he releases a beautiful, mesmerizing, sometimes meditative musical reflection of the years he lived in Japan.… https://t.co/rLOuaOI0cD
When you’re on the road with someone, you figure out who they are quickly. I was lucky to be on the road with… https://t.co/LDZg89juTM
RT @NonesuchRecords: 📻 @ChrisThile had a few old friends join him on @LiveFromHereAPM: @NickelCreek—Thile, @SaraWatkins, @SeanCWatkins—p… https://t.co/i4EKVsrOt1
There is no finer birthday present than hearing @NickelCreek‘s version of my song “Where Is Love Now” on… https://t.co/6lXJbASP2d
@TonyFratto @BCAppelbaum Thank you....but don't let this gal in the building either! https://t.co/dd3sAdy4I4
2) ...The daily grind, routine, bag of troubles and distractions may have you thinking you are nothing special... b… https://t.co/J3Xeum37kT
1) Today is my birthday and I know the custom is for others to say Happy Birthday, but I want to say how happy I am… https://t.co/QE8k1mhE7q
@mkalomiris @warnerbrostv Thank you so much! Here's hoping that @warnerbrostv decides to release more music from @GilmoreGirls someday.
@danielg280 Not that I know of, but I didn't see it...did anyone DVR?
The #vinyl for my latest album 'World on Sticks' is shipping now! Signed copies are available at… https://t.co/uobM5Iz2SL
@sterlewine @Overstweet @allmusic Yes, please do.
@sterlewine @Overstweet @allmusic Thanks, Jeffrey! Please let me know how we can help.
@BillRathbone Lyrics & credits were inlcuded in the digital download purchase, but perhaps something went wrong? W… https://t.co/0Aq48HBZ1p
RT @rosannecash: I’m SO thrilled that the title track of my album ‘She Remembers Everything’, which I co-wrote with @Sam__Phillips, … https://t.co/EwC97PnjCy
I had a nice chat with Erik Philbrook of @ASCAP about my new album and doing music for @GilmoreGirls and @MaiselTV.… https://t.co/qwwSqVNIBr
[email protected] + #MartinTillman was a musical match made in heaven. I was so lucky to be in the room when they c… https://t.co/boPU5Q2L8X
Ms. Amy Sherman-Palladino asked me to create a score with vocals for @GilmoreGirls, but didn't want lyrics because… https://t.co/83cm8jUvAQ
Sometimes the songwriter self writes songs the singer self has a hard time singing...My first love is songwriting..… https://t.co/QF2KsON8S1
Yes! I met him once at Ocean Way studios in Hollywood with T Bone Burnett. Mullholland Drive is my favorite https://t.co/OuN1zztSuN
RT @rosannecash: Oh yes.. one last thing on the #AskRosanne Q&A: the nice people at the label asked me to ask you to buy the record.… https://t.co/ixVxfjuIRz
I would love to release the Lala songs, but @warnerbrostv and Amy Sherman-Palladino would have to make that decisio… https://t.co/k8e9hGvnTu
Thank you @rosannecash and @tuckermartine...congratualtions on this beautiful record and happy release day.… https://t.co/1SzVIHiDTi
I was quite nervous singing on the street corner in Stars Hollow on @GilmoreGirls https://t.co/Zfgm25ppPN
Great advice from @rosannecash Don't underestimate self love...it's essential! https://t.co/49cqwk9lMY
Though I was happy with that song in the end, it wasn't easy to write. It's funny how some songs will come all at o… https://t.co/GNl2uE7mum
RT @rosannecash: There's a saying: it takes two people to paint a picture. One to paint it, the other to kill him when it's finished… https://t.co/vuvii3cTqb
RT @rosannecash: The songs aren't 'protest' songs, but all art is subversive. I thought progress & equality were an arrow that moved… https://t.co/MISBWQAUoh
Am I allowed to pick dead people? Woody Guthrie and Cole Porter would be on the list https://t.co/fkGDcHNgcx
This is my favorite song on the album--so thanks to John for that! https://t.co/68S98LhJpO
I want to write lyrics big enough for listeners to roam around in, while also being honest...trying not to get so s… https://t.co/5hI8ZtSBh0
Thank you @tuckermartine! After writing the melody to “She Remembers Everything” I didn’t want to let it out of th… https://t.co/wki5CX0Unr
Jimmy Reed, The Replacements, and Segovia https://t.co/HEvOf8YUN0
Though you worked with quite a few friends on this record, @rosannecash it's remarkable to me that your voice and po… https://t.co/mdf9lnze4R
Working with someone you love may be, for me, the best part. It's the day to day that can be more challenging… https://t.co/3Sv3tAbpqX
I would love to sing She Remembers Everything together live someday and see how @rosannecash performs these gorgeou… https://t.co/WxPf5uNVk4
I was sent a beautiful, compelling set of lyrics from @RosanneCash which made my job easy! https://t.co/Wa8kKUMwn5
Tomorrow @rosannecash‘s new album #SheRemembersEverything is released. To celebrate, I’m joining her and producer… https://t.co/oB9ztNATKQ
Happy to announce I will be joining @RosanneCash’s Twitter Q&A this Friday at 9am PDT in celebration of her new alb… https://t.co/AHkZIG83Fe
@delightfulalot YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@punkerpan That's the amazing @DavidGarzaMusic on the nylon string guitar!
@punkerpan That’s the amazing @davidgarza on the nylon string guitar!
@mrgeefun That's a crazy cover of "Fast Jeep Ride"! Even *I* can't take a whole hour of that song, though. So hap… https://t.co/byt6hKwAIK
Thank you @gregkot for the kind words! https://t.co/POURgMcXEI
Thank you @wprBETA for speaking with me about my new album. Follow the link below to hear the conversation... https://t.co/bIyrdM58Lw
@musicophiliamix Thank you so much! This album was completely revamped in the last six months. Those two songs didn… https://t.co/6VnFL1EbUd
Thank you @ThisIsRobThomas for choosing ‘World on Sticks’ as your Song of the Day! https://t.co/fbp4exJLjd
@w0rdmerchant Yes! The credits and lyrics are now posted in the download area. Please log back in to the… https://t.co/hmQRYSydg1
Thank you for letting me know! Maybe @iTunes or @Tunecore can fix this asap? https://t.co/TKzUS3u64v
@GrantLeeTweets Thank you, @GrantLeeTweets. That means a lot coming from one of the most amazing voices in the world!
@rhettmiller That would be my dream come true, @rhettmiller. Thank you and can't wait for your new record in November.
Sam Phillips - "American Landfill Kings": https://t.co/Oes3O3RIY9 via @YouTube
@rosannecash @johnleventhal Thank you, @rosannecash! I'm so proud to have written #SheRemembersEverything with you… https://t.co/ZAR8FQpypi
A little while ago @rosannecash sent me a beautiful lyric and I wrote a melody to it. Both the song & the album are… https://t.co/rDpYXMpHLF
@shanenhou From your mouth to @NonesuchRecords ears!! I would love my Nonesuch albums to come out on vinyl.
Thank you @OYRNewsletter and @MusicDoug for this deep dive into The Indescribable Wow! https://t.co/9RfDSsrlot
Time for long weekend record shopping with my World On Sticks tote bag (link in bio - Sam mannequin not included).… https://t.co/ax2EzwlMlc
Thank you Bob and Robin for including me in this week’s @allsongs New Mix podcast alongside beautiful new songs fro… https://t.co/JJD0NlZAMG
@__fc @musicglue If you still need assistance on this matter pls email info[at]https://t.co/odmDQh5fv3.
TRAILER: Sam Phillips - Live @ Largo at the Coronet: https://t.co/gsJOOXmx5K via @YouTube
Sam Phillips - How Much Is Enough: https://t.co/WMlxKteUIv via @YouTube
Sam Phillips: Live @ Largo at the Coronet First Look!: https://t.co/fAp8XAPQAf via @YouTube
That isn’t me on that commercial... Gilmore music means a lot to me. And besides, what happens in Stars Hollow sho… https://t.co/RVeCgu7RPz
@emmacarolina32 “Flowers Up” is on my “Don’t Do Anything” album: I checked and I see it on @spotify so please searc… https://t.co/xRIMxFmTrv
@drewhuntre Thank you. Sometimes even I forget that! Coincidentally, I am finishing up a new album right now.
@audioperfecta My re-recording of Black Sky does exist but wasn’t on Don’t Do Anything. But I seem to have misplac… https://t.co/tekD8sxjHY
@andreamaym Perfect timing! I hear @sectionquartet has recorded an instrumental version of “Reflecting Light” that… https://t.co/FHMdCxND0K
This is a gorgeous version of “Sister Rosetta Goes Before Us”. Thank you, @gaby_moreno!! https://t.co/8uMXZwKSBm https://t.co/8uMXZwKSBm
After #GilmoreGirls wrapped, I worked on #AmyShermanPalladino's new pilot, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Watch here! https://t.co/KebGNYlVmL
I had so much fun talking #GilmoreGirls music with @KrystieLYandoli! https://t.co/SGah3158nj
I spoke with @ImposeMagazine about #GilmoreGirlsRevival and my mini-album "Human Contact Is Never Easy". https://t.co/RMOr2fPxdF
[email protected] Wow, Ben, you just made my decade! Thank you.
Congrats @gaby_moreno on your Grammy nom, too!! https://t.co/XVW90zf5HT
In which I spoke with @bequietmichael from @Bandcampabout my new mini-album, #GilmoreGirls la la’s and more. https://t.co/J80eItRhFT
Thanks @gilmorenews! #gilmoregirlsayearinthelife #gilmoregirls https://t.co/pOp8Hf92rO
[email protected] @GilmoreGirls @KevinTPorter @netflix @thelaurengraham I hope you said YES!
@fan1bsb97 That is a special version I made for Amy and the show, so it’s up to her and the powers that be.
RT @Songfacts: [email protected]__Phillips on writing the music for #GilmoreGirls and what she thinks about what happened to Rory.… https://t.co/CWByoQk1oa
Thanks for playing a song from my new mini-album @NPRROBIN and @allsongs !! https://t.co/otUbOgY8fM
That night Amy invited me to Stars Hollow for the filming of the “Reflecting Light” scene in #gilmoregirlsrevival. https://t.co/5KKGxpkAGo
@gilmorebrasil Obrigado!
C’mon, sing along with me. You know the words! #GilmoreGirls #gilmoregirlsrevival https://t.co/0rayejm0pf
@valshopaholic Thank you, Valerie!
[email protected] Yes, he's Grant-Lee Phillips @GrantLeeTweets! And his band #GrantLeeBuffalo was great too! #gilmoregirlsrevival
Wow, thanks Jeffrey! https://t.co/MKlmabGxaf
RT @emmamacdonald3: If the last four words of Gilmore girls are la la la laaaa. Someone's head is gonna roll. #gilmoregirlsrevival #lastfourwords
It's a @GilmoreGirls moment on #Amazon today with @Carole_King My new EP, Human Contact Is Never Easy, out now.… https://t.co/Oq3hBar1Rz
RT @voxdotcom: Gilmore Girls’ "la-las" are back: composer Sam Phillips on writing new music for the Netflix revival https://t.co/LKfv07hlCO
@julikaiser si yo llevo Pop Tarts #GilmoreGirls
@hannahvandyk Yes, the la la’s will be there on Nov 25 at 12:01am!
@Starlitt792 Unfortunately I only recorded Makin’ Whoopee for the Bunheads to dance to. Bring back #Bunheads!!
@bobrtf @Spotify No, that’s not me & my mgmt has contacted #Spotify to clear up the confusion. I will have new music out soon, though!
I wish I could tell you more, but this will have to do until Nov. 25! https://t.co/YgcpjDlBZm #GilmoreGirls #Netflix #lala
@Real_HowardK Instead of acting on-screen, these days I try to act with loving kindness towards our planet and people. Happy Autumn Equinox!
@MelaineBullock Thank you! It’s up to WB.. but I would love that.
I’m finishing a new album right now! RT @privatestorm: A new @Sam__Phillips album would be great but this will have to do for now
@pseudocitygal So sweet of you say! Luckily @grantleephillips has some beautiful music in the revival & lots of my la la’s are in there too.
@_chabons Yes! I'm having so much fun la la-ing....
@mooreofambie Awww. I'm honored, but hopefully just for your wedding for now.
@LowlifeMagazine Thanks! Though filming Die Hard was fun, I'd rather be making la la's for @GilmoreGirls #AYearintheLife
@LaurenVamp It's ok, I have cried many times while making music for Gilmore Girls #AYearintheLife.
Yes @ShazamReamonia @MichaelAusiello I'm on the case and recording la la's for @GilmoreGirls today! #askausiello #GilmoreGirlsRevival
RT @GilmoreGirls: Just a couple of girls talking about books... (👻: michelleobama) https://t.co/CS48LB9fk7
RT @GilmoreGirls: La, la, la, la, la... 🎶
RT @NotableMusicCo: Tune Of The Week: Sam Phillips – Lying https://t.co/zfohCQHgdi #TopTuneOfTheWeek
Lucky to have Jennifer Condos playing bass on the #GilmoreGirls score. We recently chatted abt food, dogs & music. https://t.co/nYjDiHnDb5
@_laurenbrooks Thank you! It’s up to WB to decide to release the la la’s. Fingers crossed!
@meghan_walsh14 Thank you for making ME smile!